In the past decade, JRT Calibration Services has calibrated and repaired hundreds of types of radiation detection instruments from over 150 equipment manufacturers. JRT takes great pride in the wide array of products it can accommodate. From hand-held survey meters, portal monitoring systems, and personal dosimeters to medical radiation measurement instruments such as dose calibrators, thyroid uptake systems and well counters, JRT can calibrate and repair an impressive range of products.

The staff of JRT Calibration Services has more than 30 years experience in the performance of instrument calibrations as well as the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of highly specialized radiation detection equipment. We are professionally trained in the use of the equipment and radioactive sources necessary to provide you with the most reliable instrument calibration and equipment service.

About Us

The JRT Calibration Services facility is equipped with highly specialized test equipment and NIST traceable calibration source standards that are needed to meet regulatory requirements. Our facility is regularly inspected by the state of Pennsylvania and other governing agencies to certify compliance to all pertinent regulations and guidelines. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality instrument calibration so they may attain accurate and consistent measurements with any type of radiation detection equipment.